Publishers and manufacturers of reproduction English toy theatres, plays and and prints.Part of the Warrior Miniatures Group of companies based in Glasgow,Scotland,UK.

Welcome to the Toy Theatre Gallery.

We present a selection of plays produced for the Juvenile Drama,popular in the early 19th.century as a parlour entertainment for children.We offer black and white (penny plain),
and coloured (twopence coloured) plays ready for you to prepare as you wish and perform.
All our plays are crisp clean copies with all imperfections removed.

Also,we have ready made stages and a selection of theatre portraits and prints.
We have several new plays printed in color added to our listing.Have a look at our shop.

Please enjoy and value the Juvenile Drama for what it is,an entertainment,a passion !

25. Pollock's The Miller and his Men.
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46.Webb's Richard the First.

31 Skelt's The Waterman.

20.Green's Castle of Otranto.

5.Webb's Aladdin.

8.Green's Flying Dutchman.