Listing all the plays and products available from the Toy Theatre Gallery. All plays are modern laser reproductions taken from our print collection. All scenes are about 6"x7" with characters to suit. To order please go to our online shop.
1....Pollock's The Silver Palace.
2....Green's The Red Rover.
3....Skelt's Pizarro.
4....Skelt's Robinson Crusoe.
6....H.Mathew's King of The Burning Mountain.(From Pollock)
7....Green's Harlequin and Guy Fawkes.
8....Green.s Flying Dutchman.
9....Pollock's The Maid and The Magpie.
10..Green's Timour The Tartar.
11..Redington's Paul Clifford.
12..Webb's Robin Hood.
13..Park's The Miller and His Men.(G.Skelt)
14..Webb's The Smuggler.(G.Skelt)
15..G.Skelt's Richard Turpin.
16..G.Skelt's Der Freischutz.
17..Redingtons Oliver Twist.
18..G.Skelt's The Millers Maid.
19..Skelt's Douglas.
20..Green's Castle of Otranto.
21..Pollock's The Brigand.
22..Green's Blackbeard th Pirate.
23..Pollock's The Battle of Waterloo.
24..Skelt's The Waterman.
25..Pollock's The Miller and his Men.
26..Skelt's Othello.
27..Pollock's The Blue Jackets.
28..Skelt's Robinson Crusoe printed in full colour.
29..Webb's The Maid and the Magpie.
30..Pollock's The Blue Jackets printed in full colour.
31..Skelt's The Waterman printed in full colour.
32..Pollock's Cinderella.
33..Pollock's Daughter of the Regiment.
34..Pollock's The Forty Thieves.
35..Webb's Blue Beard.
36..Green's Richard the Third.
37..Pollock's Lord Mayor's Fool.
38..Skelt's Harlequin Jack Sheppard.
39..Skelt's Harlequin and little King Pippin.
40..Pollock's(Green's) Sleeping Beauty.
41..Skelt's Mary the Maid of the Inn.
42..Skelt's Wood Demon.
43..Pollock's Whittington and His Cat.
44..Green's Battle of Balaklava and Inkermann.
45..Skelt's Travellers Benighted.
46..Webb's(G.Skelt) Richard the First.
47..Webb's(G.Skelt) Guy Fawkes.
48..Green's Battle of the Alma.
49..Park's Old Oak Chest.
50..Pollock's The Brigand,printed in full colour.
51..Lloyd' The Maid of Genoa.
52..Webb's The Brigands Son.
53..Green's Robert Macaire or the two Murders.
54..Green's State Secrets or the Taylor of Tamworth.
55..Green's Wapping Old Stairs.
56..Green's Black-Eyed Susan.
57..Pollock's Lord Darnley.
58..Green's Belphegor the Conjurer.
59..Pollock's The Woodman's Hut.
60..Green's Therese,or the Orphan of Geneva.
61..Pollock's The Corsican Brothers.
62..Pollock's The Mistletoe Bough.
63..Pollock's Aladdin printed in full colour.
64..Green's The Red Rover printed in full colour.
65..Pollock's King Henry or the Miller of Mansfield.
66..Pollock's King Henry or the Miller of Mansfield printed in colour
67..Pollock's Don Quixote.
68..Pollock's Don Quixote printed in colour.
69..Pollock's King Charles the Second.
70..Pollock's The Blind Boy.
71..Redington's Mistletoe Bough printed in colour.
72..Redington's Baron Munchausen.
73..Redington's Timour the Tartar,printed in colour.
74..Pollock's The Children in the Woods.
75..Pollock's Lord Mayors Fool,printed in colour.
76..Pollock's Corsican Brothers,printed in colour.
77..Pollock's Oliver Twist,printed in colour.
78..Pollock's Cinderella.printed in colour.
79..Pollock's Silver Palace,printed in colour.
80..Pollock's The Miller and his Men,printed in colour.

Toy Theatres.

A.The Regency.
B.The Neptune.

Portraits and Theatre Prints.

Set A Twentyfour assorted single portraits.
Set B Eight "Two's and Four's" portraits.
Set C Four assorted toy theatre related prints.

Theatre Accessories.

Set D Four Drop Scenes.
Set E Four Top Drops and Foot Pieces.
Set F Orchestra and Curtain.
Set G Five Figure Slides.

Play Books.

Each of our plays have a play book included.
Extra copies are availble.